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Why w4iPad and not other site?

In Wallpapers for iPad we want you to take the best wallpapers for your iPad.

We have already been in the same situation searching wallpapers for our computer, iPhone, iPad... and we just want cool wallpapers for our display format. Taking on account how it would fix in any position and with the icons that will be there.

How do we offer that service?

We have taken the sizes of the display, iconos, dock and state layer of the iPad and we design, modelate or choose the wallpapers depending on these dimensions.

How to choose?

We think that the better way to imagine how a wallpaper would fix in your iPad is making a virtual simulation of it.

That's why we offer you the best way to do it in each wallpaper choosing how the wallpaper will fix in horizontal or vertical position of your iPad.

Programming and design by Álvaro Trigo López

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