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The best iPad wallpapers

  • The planet The planet
  • Roadster blue Roadster blue
  • Cool guitar Cool guitar
Red hot Chili peppers Red hot Chili peppers
The beatles The beatles
Valentines day heart Valentines day heart
Grass Grass
Sexy hot Megan Fox Sexy hot Megan Fox
Sexy Kim Kardashian hot Sexy Kim Kardashian hot
Modern painting Modern painting
Asian writing Asian writing
I love you I love you
Colorful sneakers Colorful sneakers
Bullets Bullets
Bloody scratch Bloody scratch

Searching cool ipad wallpapers?

Somethimes we find many web sites full of wallpapers for our computers desktop, iPods, iPhones or iPads but its hard to find a cool and beautiful one. There are plenty of them but without the quality we are searching for.

We have been in that side before and we want to fix that problem. We want to offer the best wallpapers for your iPad, thought just for it taking into consideration the display dimensions and trying to offer you the best wallpapers for it. Ofcorse, they are all free to download.

Ofcorse, Apple is one of our favorite companys and we have an specific categorie for it where you can find all kind of pictures related with Apple from logos to apple backgrounds.

The background are specifically for the iPad but can also be used in some computers with a resolution of 1024 pixels in its maximun size.


Nadal tennis player
Dolphin D
Bugati veyron
Bruce Willis
Dexter tv show
Programming and design by Álvaro Trigo López

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